Special Purpose Machine

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Six Station Turntable Grinding Special Purpose Machine
Four spindles automatic feed drilling machine
Four spindles automatic feed tapping machine
Purros Self Feeding Drilling Unit is a pneumatic feed drilling unit that lines up electric motor type with output of 0.35 kW, 0.55 kW aimed to enhance the low speed rotation range. Multi-Spindle Head can be used.
Drill/Tapper capacity: Aluminum Φ14/M14, Steel Φ10/M12, 100mm Stroke, Double Servo Feed & Speed Drilling Tapping Units, AutomaticDrill provides servo feed drilling units, servo control feed drill equipment, servo drilling press, servo drill machine and auto drilling system.
Multiple spindle heads can, almost immediately, double or triple your drilling operations by simultaneously drilling countersinking, reaming or tapping two or more holes in one operation. Multi-spindle heads have proved to be the most versatile method to drill and/or tap close spaced holes.
When there is no load on the piston rod, it is returned automatically to its initial position by an internal spring.
ID Through Roller Burnishing Tools produce fine surface finishes and control size in ID surfaces. The tools are easy to set for diameter with the micrometer adjustment nut. Roller burnishing is a chipless machining method which cold works the metal without cutting or abrading the surface. It removes no metal but rather compresses, or “irons out”, the peaks of a metal surface into the valleys, generating a dense and uniform surface.