How to tapping multiple holes at one time?

Tapping multiple holes at once time can be done using a multi-spindle tapping attachment. This attachment is mounted on the machine spindle and has multiple tapping spindles arranged in a circular pattern. Each tapping spindle is aligned with a specific hole location and taps the hole simultaneously with the other spindles.

To use the multi-spindle tapping attachment, follow these steps:

1. Mount the attachment on the machine spindle and align the tapping spindles with the hole locations.

2. Secure the workpiece in place and position it under the tapping attachment.

3. Engage the tapping spindles and start the tapping process. The spindles will tap each hole simultaneously, saving time and increasing productivity.

4. Make any necessary adjustments to the attachment or machine settings to ensure proper tapping depth and thread quality.

5. Once the tapping process is complete, remove the workpiece and inspect the holes for accuracy and quality.

With a multi-spindle tapping attachment, you can tap multiple holes at once time, reducing production time and increasing efficiency in your machining process.