Table Servo Tapping Machine
Table Servo Tapping Machine

Table Servo Tapping Machine

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  PR-TST Table Servo Tapping Machine spindle adopts servo motor, when the spindle motor rotates, it drives the feed screw rod forward and backward. It can set the spindle rotation speed, depth and feed rate freely by touch screen within the program, ideal for hole tapping. Furthermore, as cycle time can be greatly reduced using a second home position, accuracy and efficiency of tapping dramatically improves. It is possible to attach multi spindle head, automatic fixture & cooling system to suit specific applications. One person at the same time can operate 2-3 machine, can improve the production efficiency.
Machine tool dimension600×750×1800mm850×1250×2000mm
Working table effective size230×230mm420×620
Column diameterΦ74mmΦ104mm
Spindle diameterΦ50mmΦ70mm
Spindle taperJT6JT6
Spindle nose to table180mm220mm
Spindle full stroke80mm80mm
Tapping stroke50mm50mm
Spindle speed0-3000rpm0-3000rpm
Spindle Motor power1.8Kw2.3Kw
Tapping capacityS45C/M12S45C/M16
Cooling systemOptionalOptional
Fixture systemOptionalOptional
Control systemPLCPLC
Control panelTouch ScreenTouch Screen
Total weight180Kg300Kg
  • Brand Name:PURROS